Types of Pools


Freeform Pools

Freeform Pools typically have flowing, rounded, curved shapes with accent boulders and waterfalls. When designed correctly, Freeform Pools have a natural appearance and look great in a desert landscape.

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Geometric Pools

Geometric Pools can have straight lines and/or symmetrical curves. Geometric designs typically include speciality decking, decorative stone veneers, unique tile. Angular pools have a sophisticated, stylish appearance and are well suited to many home designs, especially a contemporary environment. We find a blend of geometric and freeform style has universal appeal and fits well with many desert landscapes.

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Overflow Pools

Infinity edge, Vanishing edge, Deck level, Perimeter overflow, are all names for a style where water disappears over an edge for a special effect. Spillover edge pools create an illusion that is timeless. Our overflow pools have no messy gutters, surfaces void of floating debris and are easy to operate and maintain. Negative edge pools provide a unique, awe-inspiring appearance with a reflective mirror like surface.

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Water Feautures

Water Features come in many styles to add interest, beauty and water movement.

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